Online Manicure, Pedicure and Gel Nails Course

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Within this course we will cover how to do a manicure and pedicure for a gel nail treatment. Going through all the preparation techniques, to prepare the nails before applying gels, how to apply the gels well, and how to remove them safely.

This course is IPHM Accredited.

Equipment Needed


– Nail files
– Cuticle pusher
– Orange sticks/cocktail sticks
– Nail clippers
– Nail cutters
– Nail brush
– Buffer
– Manicure hand bowl
– Foot spa
– Foot rasp / file


– Nail station/work surface
– Stools or chairs
– Hand support
– Barbicide
– Sterilising jar/glass
– Lined bin
– Couch roll
– UV or LED lamp
– Couch roll
– Towels
– Disposable gloves


– Nail varnish remover (Acetone free)
– Antibacterial foot soak
– Hand sanitiser
– Cuticle cream
– Cuticle remover
– Foot scrub
– Foot cream
– Hand cream
– Product remover (Acetone)
– Cotton wool
– Foils
– Gel base coat
– Coloured gels
– Gel top coat
– Cuticle oil

Covid19 Update:
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the college is currently closed for classes, but we still open for online courses and any enquires. Stay safe and keep well.

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